Very pleased Farage and the Friends Chiefs I’ll be there for you shirt to his senses in hopefully standing to take votes only in places where it would support vote count against the other parties namely the ones wanting to remain.  Haddow Mark, You do realize that the Brexit party will split the vote in the seats the Tories are not expected to win. Corinne Abbott Haddow Mark that’s why they said they are not standing in places where conservatives won in 2017. Kirk Gannaway Haddow Mark its the same trick, the right-wing, use in the Australian election divide and conquer. Jules Drngtn I hear he’s been brought off by the promise of a peerage. He’ll always be a Count in my eyes…

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Friends Chiefs I’ll be there for you shirt. Abdul Gafur Was All over known by the United Kingdom, some are happy, some doubtful, some In the middle but everyone thinks what happens Brexit. It looks like playing with the emotion of people’s, other’s wise why divide the candidate. Working people going to food banks. All the years of cuts have had it toll. The Uk is broken. And needs fixing. Yeah, Brexit is important but so are the people of this country. And the standard of living. This election is all about Brexit. After 3 years you get pretty sick of it every time you turn the tv on.


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