Let’s not forget these immigrants put billions more into the Friends TV show Merry Friendsmas shirt, sweater than taking out. It’s something like 15billion pounds they add. So if you have a problem with immigration then you need to decide why. Alexander McNally Here’s another one that they’re all good at “we’re going to start listening to the British public “!! I honestly don’t know who to vote for this time! I’ve had it with the whole shambolic lot of them!! Martin Stone You have always been able to do this in the past however it suited you to have cheap and skilled labor to support farming and the NHS! Let’s make the election all about immigration because you haven’t achieved anything beneficial during your tenure! Martin Stone check the stats, especially on reducing debt and employment. Trying to get us out the mess Labour last created

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Friends TV show Merry Friendsmas shirt, sweater, Mat Shaw Mat, you check the stats, the national debt has more than doubled, in fact, near tripled under their tenure how can you possibly say that they have reduced debt? With regard to the employment situation, their figures include anyone who has worked for more than one hour in any two week period, not who has sufficient income or hours to feed their families without relying on foodbanks! Take a wander around any town in the UK and see for yourself what the real situation is on homelessness! They are liars, cheats manipulators and have only their own interests at heart, not that of the best for the nation as a whole!


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    I order 2 as a test, the t-shirts look great and we will be ordering more, I’m sure.

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