Fucks Given Zero Fox Racing shirt. I would have filmed the people burning to a crisp just like them shootings in America you never see the shooter doing anything. Eileen Beesley that the real point to none of us where there but everyone is ready to form an opinion on this or a shooting that all looks dubious its like they are saying its not safe to travel by air when the reality is you got more chance of getting run over today then dying in a plane crash. Gerry Flashmann no she wasn’t but incidents with smoke in the cabin happen a lot more frequently than you realize. It only made the news because it was a British airline. So maybe keep your dumb attempt at a put down to yourself. Peter Vinci Taking your bag with you could cost someone their life. The Spanish are quite advanced you know and do have Doctors, hospitals and pharmacy are who would be able to provide all your medical needs.

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Fucks Given Zero Fox Racing shirt. Josh Brownhill I agree. I’d also be very cross if I was being held up getting off a potentially burning plane by someone collecting their flipping bags. The engine blew and the pilot landed the plane with ease. A testament to skill. Of course, it is high tension drama to passengers but on occasion comes with the package. Flying is not entirely incident-free. I recall a Swiss air flight that had cabin smoke and the pilots went through a long checklist instead of declaring an emergency and bringing the plane down to earth to the closest safe spot. The manual was changed to do this after that tragedy. Something similar happened as a flight my OH and I was aboard. It transpired that a passenger had felt cold so had stuffed a plastic carrier bag into the air vent. Fortunately, we were coming into land and everyone disembarked safely. It could so easily have had a different outcome, however.



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