The Garfield Supreme Nike air Jordan shirt. I don’t think he did anything wrong. Anyone at any function or party would have reacted like that and with people throwing liquids so much these days, everyone feels threatened. If this had been a male protester, would people be making such a fuss? Women want to be equal, then they can’t complain! Nicky Veitch, I agree, if she had been male or with different skin colors, people would be branding him a hero. It’s only an outcry because she is white, female and middle class. Nicky Veitch, I said exactly the same, she could have been a real threat, put yourself in that position and expect to accept the consequences! Gina Johnston who knows what any male/female protester is going to do when they’ve invaded somewhere they shouldn’t be.

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The Garfield Supreme Nike air Jordan shirt.  Elizabeth Donald bs. He did well. If it was me I would do the same. If it was a male protester I would have kicked him in the nuts when out of sight to drive home the point. Given it was a female I am sure he stopped himself from causing more pain. So much for equality hey…what if she was a nutcase with a bottle full of acid? Theresa May at a press conference and was escorted quietly away? Didn’t see any Tory bully boys tackling him funnily enough. Janet Couzens well yes Greenpeace is well known for shooting stabbing throwing acid!! NOT get real you guys the man has anger issues she was spoiling his evening and he chose violence over an argument.


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