A male GS is mentally wired to protect the AREA where the home is. Intruders that overstep a boundary will be confronted as per the dogs training, owner supervision, or lack thereof. Female GSD is mentally wired to protect MEMBERS of its pack. Intruders that overstep a boundary will only be confronted if a member of the dogs family is percieved as being threatened. The potency of males and females attack force is pretty much the same, the dogs weight and therefor kinetic energy put into the attack can vary with a slight advantage towards male GSD. Both male and female GSD are loyal to last blood drop. Where the generic average labrador retriever can change owner at the drop of a hat if it has to, a GSD that lose an owner will most often sink into a depression like state that can last a long time. This is proof how loyal it is.

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German shepherds are typically aloof to strangers, it’s even in the breed description. While there are always going to be dogs on opposite ends of the spectrum, this typically isn’t going to be a dog that runs up to strangers and loves them immediately. They’re protective by nature, which means if you don’t socialize them enough (or even sometimes if you do) they will grow up to be very protective and sometimes unmanageable. They’re a strong, smart dog and many people get them for the wrong reasons, and they can end up being aggressive. I have a female and she finds strangers very suspicious and is quite protective of “her” people. The trainer I use says that females are no less protective than males and sometimes worse, in her experience.

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