The God-Emperor of Mankind shirt.  Molly Fitch, I will approach you quickly, I will be angry. I will be holding a shiny metal object in my hand. Now tell me how “obvious” it is that I am holding a phone and am peaceful. Paul Arnold, She didn’t approach him. She was walking past. And he knew she was a peaceful protester because the protest that had been going on already was peaceful. Jackson, you mean like the big guy who stormed up to Theresa May at a press conference and was escorted quietly away? Didn’t see any Tory bully boys tackling him funnily enough. Janet Couzens well yes Greenpeace is well known for shooting stabbing throwing acid!! NOT get real you guys the man has anger issues she was spoiling his evening and he chose violence over an argument.

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The God-Emperor of Mankind shirt.  Molly Fitch seems to be the only one seeing this for what it is. You can’t meet peace with violence and then go around saying stuff like “Well they deserved it because they are annoying “. Maybe women in the UK are too accustomed to this behavior because this would not fly in the US. Unless Donald Trump did it. Amy Ward, I applaud your honest comments here. Most of the reporting is being extremely sexist. If it is being a man rushing forward in this way the minister would have been hailed a hero. Oerichbauer What act of aggression? The only aggressive act was the MP’s. She was walking past him on a peaceful protest. I’m sure Greenpeace is prepared to deal with that, it must happen to them a lot. It doesn’t excuse assault.


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