That’s a bit scary , will he take a chance that the Golden Retriever Happy New Year 2020 shirt, sweater won’t react ? Bigger chance these days with that knob in the Oval Office. Vlad’s in charge as we all know so maybe he is ok with North Korea taking South Korea? Bryan Bissell Scott Lewis anyone who mentions Trump and Putin in the same comment are morons. Turn off your television and read a book. Dan Rae Scott Lewis Hopefully they can get the tanks started, crossing into South Korea. It would be an unfortunate mistake on the North’s part!!  Paul Draganac If push comes to shove, 4 million South Koreans will be dead in the first hour of any conflict. The sad part is the human rights violations of N. Korea. Getting China and Russia to be sympathetic in that regard is unrealistic.(for the obvious reasons) , so the best hope is that God will flood the world again and teach us all a good lesson.

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Golden Retriever Happy New Year 2020 shirt, sweater. Justin Eller Haddow Mark looks at my last comment. I did think this through. Further in fact than you have. Allowing him to test his missiles while possessing nuclear capabilities is enabling destruction. He’s not testing these for fun. We already know he’s unstable and untrustworthy. I say again, at what point does he become enough of a threat to take action? As far as I’m concerned, we’ve already reached that point. Travis Brown, he’s playing the crazy game. he must be smart enough to know if he goes offensively he’s toast.



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