Hail To The King Baby Army Of Darkness shirt. The planet will be fine, once its main parasite (humanity) dies of the planet will slowly repair itself, continue to create new life as long as we don’t feck up the planet’s core and the sun still burns. Our children probably raise the issue because we adults are stuck in our ways. It’s their futures we’re meddling with or neglecting after all! Ann Abadia Rob Lacey Too true, over billions of years the hysteresis in the variation of climate has become quite stable and predictable but with little chemical and physical pushes and shoves, we are screwing with the balance and setting back down the path of instability. Read your Bibles for yourselves, Its about time we faced the fact that we are living in the end times, devastating events/weather patterns will only increase in intensity… First We need to repent and realize that we are sinners in need of a Saviour. Who already came and died for us, who was is and is to come. Let us get right with our creator, the creator of the heavens and the earth!

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Hail To The King Baby Army Of Darkness shirt. Steve Short But nobody will. Not until we have been brought the very edge of destruction. I wish upon wish that something would happen, but the change needed is so huge it will never happen. Steve Short Kenneth Henry Really? Is that the best you have? Please, continue to stick that ignorant head of yours in the sand. I actually hope you are the first to see the wonderful benefits we have created for ourselves. Feedback loops? Just more fake news. Steve Short Pete Walker Can I ask you something? If I’m wrong (I sincerely hope I am) and we can all continue to pollute with disregard, then what is the problem with trying to reduce our impact and live more sustainably? How is that a bad thing?

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