Awfully easy for a Halloween Scare Bulldogs Horror Characters Shirt to tell everyone to just be friends and things’ll work themselves out. She’s not the mother of an Iraqi kid he had bombed. She’s not in crushing poverty while the fabulously rich get tax cuts. She has zero fear of getting deported or shot by police. The front lines have disappeared over her horizon, out of sight and out of mind. David Alvis, So she doesn’t agree with Trump for his policies and hates him- yet she likes George who opposed gay marriage altogether? Hypocrisy at its finest. Daniel L Jackson Know who Bush didn’t defend? Anyone who is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning, or everything else. Seriously, are politics just a game to rich white folk?

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Halloween Scare Bulldogs Horror Characters Shirt, Her “friend” is a toxic war criminal and if he had his way she wouldn’t be legally married. It’s not simply a difference of political opinion, people are dead because of his lies.  Yeah, I’m friends with lots of folks who have different beliefs than I too. Of course, none of them lied about WMD, outed an American spy when her husband called him on it and started the Forever Wars for oil. Oh, and tanked our economy and left black people to die in NoLa…no…none of my friends did THAT. And, btw, do you see her next to trump? Be kind yes. Be FRIENDS? NO.  Terricita LaShaun People to opposing political views can be friends… gays can be friends with straight, whites can be friends with blacks, Republicans can be friends with Democrats, etc…

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