Alot of people want to recapture the Halloween of their youth and what better way than to decorate a tree? I don’t know how old you are but I remember going to houses and seeing the blow molds glowing and beckoning my children and me to come visit the houses for the treats. It was a delight to see the orange lights that people would decorate their houses with. Hook’Em Horns! Or something of that nature. I’m not a big football fan. Then people took that to the next level, Halloween trees.

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I think about ten or so years ago, I saw an article on how to spray paint your tree so it would look like candy corn. Before that Martha Stewart was showing us how to spray paint a Christmas tree black. Say what you will about Martha, but I love her. Especially vintage Martha. Now black trees are at Walmart. If it’s at Walmart, well you pretty much bet that the black trees are mainstream now. A lot of people view Halloween as the beginning of the Holiday Season. They want to get into that festive spirit more then ever.

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