I’m A Book Dragon Not A Worm Vintage shirt. Robert Johnston America is already great again now that Obama, who killed innocent women and children and who divided the US has gone !! We remember his back of the queue quote here in the UK and we love Trump who puts his country first !! Democrats are the same pathetic snowflakes and trouble makers like our Labour party and Libdems! So funny how a corporate communist Trump has stolen America and used communist qanon propaganda to do it. Yet people that support him are so blind by fear and hate of Change they can’t see they’ve been had. Guy Shelmerdine actual proof that Obama killed innocent women and children?…links? Documents? no is okay. So he conducted military airstrikes, raids, etc just the same as every president in the history of the US. I believe those are the tough decisions that come with the job.

I’m A Book Dragon Not A Worm Vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt


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Best I’m A Book Dragon Not A Worm Vintage shirt

I’m A Book Dragon Not A Worm Vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt. I’m certain Mr. Trump’s drone strikes on Iran had some friendly fire that resulted in innocent lives too. Get over yourself if you think your great savor has no blood on his hands either.  We now have a President that loves this country. How is America so bad under trump?? I only see records. The best records. Now you can disagree with Trump. You can hate the man. But you cant actually act is if he’s running our country so poorly.


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