I’m A Dog And Motorcycle Kind Of Guy shirt. Kelly Erin Wellman-Labagh: Some are made in the USA with a “mystery fabric.” Lots are made in China. Visited some airports and the label indicates China. Also t-shirts from Central America. All about making profits. But I am sure Trump’s hats are made in the USA because he doesn’t be more of a hypocrite. Most of us researched and knew from the start who was the best choice, regardless of what falsehoods were spread, the lies circulated about Clinton. To believe anything without doing the research is the absolute definition of laziness and/or apathy. It takes time, that not everyone is dedicated to spending. Hearing 45 try to speak of things he obviously knows nothing about and is unwilling to listen to and learn about is painful. His true colors are becoming more and more obvious as well. Not all who voted for him agree with his blatant racism or ridiculous choices for cabinet members.

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I’m A Dog And Motorcycle Kind Of Guy shirt, The swamp thickens and change is in the wind once again. It cannot happen soon enough for some of us. I just hope he concedes when the votes are counted. I personally know dozens who have left the Republican party just because of him. He is losing independent voters, never had my vote. I believe his support is down to about 33% nationwide and dropping like a lead balloon. No wonder McConnell won’t pass any election security measures. He can’t win a fair election so Russia if you’re listening. That is an interesting observation. Maybe it’s luster is wearing off. I think if he loses the election it will be forgotten except for history books. Democrats need the minority vote to win the. Obama asked our minority to vote to stop Trump but most did not vote. I hope everyone realizes how important it is now.


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