I’m With The Drummer Music Shirt. Jules Baxter Mandy stops lying away to yourself, try being on the remain Facebook pages and you’ll see the masses of people away from the leave Lynch mob admitting this wasn’t what they voted for and regret their leave vote. Do you think that those that will now die from flu jab and med shortages might want to abandon your mob now? What an out those now seeing the rise in violent tension over the Irish border issue. Trouble is you hard leavers are selfish concrete hearted subhumans who just wait for death and chaos because you won a faked referendum. I know, it’s hard to understand it seems. Show your workings out.

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I’m With The Drummer Music Shirt. Nicola Prosser Carol Dickerson considering do many mature well respected Tory MPs sacrificed their jobs for protecting us against a no-deal, it’s obvious it will be bad. I don’t think parliament would have gone to so much trouble to protect us if it was going to be great. Show your workings out. Charles Stevens Boris doesn’t want No Deal. No such thing as No Deal, we still need to discuss trade, borders, and Citizens after a No Deal. Nigel Norman Michelle Aldous Johnson says he is trying for a deal, so even you think he is lying then. I doubt you even understand the impact of no deal.

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    Absolutely fantastic service. Quick turn around and very happy with the t shirt Thank you

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