Jack Skellington Green Bay Packers Shirt. We do not need a US trade deal – we have perfectly good and better ones with the EU! Trump and Bolton both America First – sod everyone else – the USA will violate and destroy the UK economy for their own end! Adrian Reyes Hughes And destroy our food, environmental and animal welfare standards. Also making us a puppet who has to follow all their disastrous foreign policies. Adrian Reyes Hughes, we could have a trade deal with the eu and the U.S. if only they were willing to renegotiate, oh and we’ve had the vote on whether to leave or remain. Adele Griffin, We should be boycotting the US well in protest at the white supremacy, violation of migrants rights, caging children and the moronic lack of gun control!

Jack Skellington Green Bay Packers Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





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Jack Skellington Green Bay Packers Shirt. Adele Griffin, we want another vote now we know the country is WAY better by remaining. We control our laws and have amazing deals and standards. They are going to drop and things will be more expensive when we leave. Why would we want to pay more for things? It will make the poor worse off and the rich better off. So we want a chance to change our minds because a lot of people have. Oh, and immigration into the country will increase when we leave. It won’t decrease. The difference is we will have more immigration from Asia and Africa.


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