Jack Skellington Halloween ACDC Angus Young Shirt. David Morlet …the usual nonsensical belief that the EU is out to ‘get’ the UK. Anyone believing we’ll do better than the deal we had as EU members is in for a rude awakening. You TRUST Trump and the warmonger Bolton? David Morlet Except the US Congress (which needs to pass any deal) has said clearly that we won’t get one if we endanger the Good Friday Agreement. Which a no-deal Brexit does. And as the EU countries make trade deals as one the UK will have to make deals with two much larger entities now and in neither cases have much leverage (basically the UK will have to continue following the EU regulations and no longer has a say in them.

Jack Skellington Halloween ACDC Angus Young Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





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Jack Skellington Halloween ACDC Angus Young Shirt. We keep hearing this, but no details available. Plus, what they don’t tell us is that all trade deals must be approved by the Congress in the US and by the parliament in the UK and neither Trump nor Johnson have control over these houses. Any idea how they are going to pass it through? Rastislav Brodziansky The simple reality is that it will never be passed by either house because both can continue to table amendments to any trade deal until the chlorinated chickens come home. It will probably take 4 years to negotiate anything, by which time both Drumpf and BloJo could be booted out of office. Then they’ll have to start all over again on a different deal


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