His tension is rising, but he’s John Wick Continental NYC Baba Yoda shirt far down on the U.S.’s list of countries to be concerned about. Diane Elinor Hoover, Even years ago it was apparent China would be patient for only a short while and then exert every means possible to assimilate Hong Kong. Perhaps what some did not realize is the power of people who have had the opportunity to thrive with freedom as the foundation of their lives. Menya Lee Diane Elinor Hoover Uh-huh, keep going, please regal us with your China expertise. Tell me, what authority do you have over China or HK information besides western media reports? Are you Chinese? Do you or have you lived in China? Have you studied Chinese history? What makes you such an expert, hm?

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John Wick Continental NYC Baba Yoda shirt. And they all wished “Happy New Year” to everyone they knew on 1 Jan 2019. New Year celebrations are so silly. S*** happens all the time. Dan de Lench Some don’t understand the fight as they are spoiled and narrow in their vision. But there is nothing more precious and beautiful than fighting for freedom from tyranny and obtaining it at any cost. Fight on Sisters and Brothers cry havoc and break the chains that bind you! Guanran Wang Thubten Palden Khom San where do you see Macau taking over? They are worse off because of their sociopolitical choice and they will always be, for years to come. Thubten Palden Khom San Danny Ornelas So ignorant. Hong Kong is part of China. Like it or not China can do whatever it likes with Hong Kong


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    Fantastic customer service when emailed them regarding my order. Amazing quality tshirt and printing. Great value. Will be ordering more tshirts after xmas. Fab all round.

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