John Wick parody Luffy shirt. Women can’t have it both ways…on one hand, it’s all about equality and treatment the same as men, on the other hand, you like ‘oh he put his hands on a woman’. If she had been a man or armed this guy would have been a hero. If someone had intervened like that before Jo Cox was killed maybe she’d still be here. Crutchley loves how he is only like this because it was a female. She was interrupting a dinner, she doesn’t get a free pass because she is a woman. Mark Crutchley and how exactly would you react in the same situation. This MP used reasonable force to remove this woman who could have been a terrorist. I would have done the same but would have kept my cool like this guy

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John Wick parody Luffy shirt. Mark Crutchley what utter shite you’re spouting. This is about an activist gate crashing a function and being removed. Male or female, he did the right thing. No one knew if these people were armed with anything, weapons or something like acid. There was a potential danger to people, he removed that. Mark Crutchley Rubbish, he was quite right to remove her and only used reasonable force. Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you can behave like that, uninvited guests get evicted whatever the gender. Crutchley rubbish. He shut down a potential threat that’s all. She could have been carrying a knife or worse a small spray of acid. If he had not acted so decisively he could have become the target. First of all. Equal rights don’t stop when a woman pushes past you and heads to a table full of people you know, as if she’s the aggressor without consequences.


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