Joker We Are All Clowns Halloween Shirt. Robyn Lowe-Tan Brent Carnes – wow, now I do believe one day there will be a one-world government because gullible people will be sucked into believing lies… ha ha ha enjoy your future, or should I say be careful what you wish for. LM Moreno Also, in Spain the Supreme Court ruled today that the remains of dictator Franco must be removed from the mausoleum where they’ve been kept (with public money and receiving visitors daily) for the last 40 years. A good day indeed. Brent Carnes Jonathan Adcock Yes I can. He has broken the emoluments laws for sure. However right now, at this very moment, he is breaking the law by blocking the intelligence committee from the communication in question that the intelligence officer turned in. It’s a black and white fact. He also asked a foreign power to help him against a political opponent. That’s also illegal. I mean, these are facts. If you can show me alternate interpretations of these laws, please do. I’ll gladly read them.

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Brent Carnes Ann Anderson As far as I can tell Joker We Are All Clowns Halloween Shirt. the ruling today has nothing to do with Brexit. Unless of course, you believe Johnson asked to dissolve Parliament so they couldn’t be involved? That’s not what he told the Queen though. So did he lie or did he not? If he didn’t lie, then this ruling and Brexit are completely separate. If they are related, then he obviously lied and must resign. That’s just my American interpretation. Perhaps you have a different one? Brent Carnes Dave Angelo No, they want socialized healthcare and proper taxation on the highest income earners and for those people to not control politics simply because they are rich. That’s actually not socialism. Socialism is much more.

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