KC Royals Dog Shirt. Stuart Crowhurst, Please do your homework, the UK had good workers’ rights before we joined the common market! Have you ever watched made in Dagenham? If not please do so- you may learn something. Ian Martin’s price of freedom? We are free now and I’m sick of leavers and brexitiers spouting this lie that we are not free. It’s one the worst lies about Brexit, about how we are supposedly oppressed by the EU or somehow suffering. Liam Reed, would you have said the same, if the result of the vote had been to remain? Just because a person doesn’t like the outcome of any vote, it does not give them the right to overturn it. Oh, Liam, you’re butthurt while hilarious is also rather sad. You Remoaners, whining like babies who haven’t got their own way.

KC Royals Dog Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt


KC Royals Dog Ladies Tee

KC Royals Dog Sweater

V neck T-shirt

Best KC Royals Dog Shirt

KC Royals Dog Shirt. Either get behind your country or leave. Are you Tony, well done for admitting. Marie Cleary you have obviously not been listening then if you feel like that. Don’t exactly like the man, but could be a breath of fresh air. Only time will tell, and I am not brainwashed into being so negative. It must be difficult when you are. Ian Martin, what on earth is wrong with you seriously how are we not free? Your free to vote for that idiot Farage and his brigade of fools despite the fact that they are trying to set back UK EU relations to the stone age. The price of freedom has been paid and doesn’t need to be paid again. As for human consequences, what do you think it means, we can’t leave and expect things to be the same we will have to deal with that.


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