Keith Sweat 45th anniversary 1975 2020 shirt. There are plenty of kids with their families that suffer from a variety of issues, it’s not just kids in the foster system. Abuse, neglect, or parents with mental health issues that haven’t been addressed that in turn, get handed down to their kids. Instead of turning the blame to parents who decide to have their own children and look after then, what about asking YOUR government to look after foster kids PROPERLY? At the end of the day it’s their citizens. Promoting family planning, helping those families who need support so they don’t have to give up their kids, and an endless list of other measures, are proven very effective. To look after foster children and giving them all the support and care they need is more helpful than ‘banning’ people to have their own kids. Criticizing parents for having kids is as wrong as criticizing those who undergo an abortion, not to mention the obvious fascist undertones.

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Keith Sweat 45th anniversary 1975 2020 shirt. For those who need to know, I have not adopted any children, nor do I have any biological children. For several reasons, but mainly I’m not equipped at this time to have either. My husband and I don’t plan on having biological children but would like to Foster later, after we have secure housing, secure jobs, and a solid home environment. People are not bad for wanting their own biological children. It’s good to know one’s self and your own limitations.


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