#KimExposedTaylorParty Shirt. I’ve not had alcohol for 13 years and people ask why to like its a big deal. I watched it being used in excess ruin loved one’s lives/die young and leave hurt loved ones behind; turn people I found fun and great company, into miserable and rude; I don’t like not being in control of my body; I hate how people take risks on it – such as driving and other people suffer as a result; it’s expensive; no hangovers; I have more fun when I can actually remember the evening. Hubby has a little tipple now and again and I have no problem with it as he doesn’t go stupid, and if I liked the taste, I’d probably join him. I think it’s sad that people find it a requirement of being social.

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#KimExposedTaylorParty Shirt. I mean think about it: commercials would have you believe that if you want to have any real fun in, nowadays, any activity or event you need to be drinking. Moderation is the key to every addiction I prefer drinking reds than doing something with substance from illegal drugs there’s no such thing as moderation in cocaine addiction they killed people early..alcohol addiction can be managed it a matter of choice of being moderate & abusive. I have a drink because I like the taste, and I have one. And in fact, I went without for 12 years and didn’t miss it. Even now I probably only have maybe 8 drinks a year.

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