Lion King Squad Goals shirt. Brian West “gain little to nothing worthwhile” other than learning how to take failure, making friends, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and a chance to relax and have fun. But yeah other than that we should make them work 24/7 because god forbid kids had fun. Is Brian West gaining little to nothing? Gaming can be a stress relief (is for me) you can also gain knowledge through certain games and oh did I mention it’s actually a fun pastime? Gaming is not as bad as people think. I just play games to have a little fun and escape from the mundanity of day to day working life. I would argue it is worthwhile to me since it provides me exactly what I am looking to gain from it.

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Lion King Squad Goals shirt. Brian West there’s a few on here moaning about gaming and how it’s pointless, I can only assume you’ve spent 100% of your time working a job or for humanitarian issues and never watched tv, watched a film, read a book or listened to music for enjoyment. I can also assume you’ve never met up with friends for social reasons because you’re not gaining anything worthwhile from these experiences or practicing anything that could make a difference in your life right? Ben, I agree with your statement to a certain degree, the worry with gaming, in particular, is the addictive nature of it where people put their lives on hold and miss life opportunities because they cannot bear to be away from it. More lives will be ruined by it that will be gained from it I’m afraid.


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