No, sorry, I feel that all those failures in Los Angeles Lakers Legends signatures shirt are utter bloody losers. None of them, not one, deserves any respect. Maureen Wilde Jim Robertson the remainers set the bar. They want to fix it well bring it on the only genuine Brexit ever in tune with the electorate is Nigel and Boris a close runner-up. With judges and the speaker trying to fix it it is unraveling and hopefully, democracy will win. Maureen Wilde The only respect should be to the 17 m who voted out the end of. Jim Robertson Maureen Wilde Yes, you have a valid point. We have been let down by our political servants. Michael Baker Jim Robertson Are you suggesting that political parties…shouldn’t, pursue votes and power? That is sort of there entire function and purpose.

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Los Angeles Lakers Legends signatures shirt. Martin Moss Jim Robertson it’s so easy to create a revolution and destabilize a country when you destroy that country’s people’s faith in its politicians, and thus in its democracy… Jim Robertson Michael Baker Pursue yes, but not lie and deceive in order to attain power. A leadership no-one trusts have no legitimacy.  Jon Hadley Blame Cameron for his bodged EU Referendum to appease the ERG & the then UKIP voters. Neil Russon-lambert I wouldn’t,t vote for any of them Mr. Farage who wants out of Europe is gladly taking his allowance from the EU. Whilst doing deals with the conservatives. You the people voted to get out of the EU have been misled by a bunch of corrupt con men/women. I wouldn’t,t waste a good walk to a polling station on any of them.


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    I’ve ordered the T-Shirt as part of my daughter’s Christmas present and was pleasantly surprised to be given a £10 voucher as an apology for the supposed long delivery time. It came within the week so that to me is excellent customer service. I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

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