The earth has a cycle, you can’t LSU hold that Tiger shirt looks back at history, even before we populated the earth, there are now places totally submerged when thousands of years ago they would have been dry land, that happened without all the pollution, something doesn’t add up to me. Jaxs Ferry-Mould the sea levels are rising as they have for 100 of years as the ice is melting .there are drought-ridden countries ,so why can’t we use this extra seawater desalinate it and water the lands that need it to grow crops and feed starving people that way we would be helping with the rising sea levels and the people that can feed themselves .which would reduce the water levels a little . every person on this planet would benefit just my thoughts

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LSU hold that Tiger shirt. Mary Mirarchi Yes, but this wasn’t a typical “acqua alta”. It was actual flooding due to twister and strong winds. Either way….a disaster. Poor beautiful Venice. Mónika Tóth The sea level rises, ice melts.. more catastrophic coming up.. floods, tsunamis, earthquakes. Humanity messed up with nature, now we pay the price. Jaron Kaplan-Parr Unfortunately desalination is still very inefficient energy-wise, and that’s not going into the energy needed to transport and distribute that water. There are some promising new technologies being developed in the area of desalination, but nothing groundbreaking is fully ready yet. Liz Adams Jaron Kaplan-Parr Here on the Gulf Coast of Yucatan, Mexico I know a company is installing desalination systems in new home builds. Not sure of cost or efficiency, but they are putting them in.


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