Mcdonald’s I’m lovin’ IT Pennywise shirt. Alistair Taylor Albert Mutton: the main issue is how many of these devices and others are manufactured in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc with far less stringent environmental laws. China and India, together, account for 40% of the world’s CO2. Ads in the over-consuming the US and there’s 60%!!! Between the three countries. It makes any environmental push in other countries completely pointless until those three sorts themselves out. Sazzadur Rahman Indras Gabriel Ghosh One t-shirt needs about 70ltr water to make, now calculate how much water needed to make billions of garments every day and how it affects the environment. Will you stop these industries? Raymond Chong Cry out loud? Save energy. What the point, when people who can make the difference do not act. But instead, ask the children to put the pressure on the elected leader? And those who vote them remain on earth?

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Mcdonald’s I’m lovin’ IT Pennywise shirt. Jason Carl Neal Kids, quite frankly, are happy to have a global excuse for a day off school, but the message behind this is a serious one. Kids are also kids, they are somewhat naive to the full implications of what they are asking for, as some have pointed out: ‘umpteen electrical devices’, takeaways, use of plastic (in every item as well as beauty and personal care products). But kids will still be the beneficiaries of what we leave behind, and quite frankly we are leaving behind quite a mess for them to clear up (politically, socially, morally and literally).  Passion is a good thing, sometimes it needs guidance and clarification but it’s useful and proactive. Let’s listen and act!

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