Are you not seeing the writings on the world? This Merry Christmas from the Bump shirt, sweaters to break EU.  Hans Coucheron-Aamot It only cracks because of Trump, once he is gone forever, in one or five years it will bounce back! Liam Thomas Because he asked other members to actually honor the terms of membership. Such as contributing in military assets of their own, and to stop expecting the USA taxpayers to subsidize EU country’s lack of military….. you know like most of the nordic countries. Doni Aer Yes leaders with various and varied selfish interests. A kingdom divided within itself cannot stand.

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Merry Christmas from the Bump shirt, sweater. First time for millions of Russia as the main and only issue on nato poor table! Ken Thursfield I wonder what Humpty dumpty is going to come out with today to get all the attention on himself,  Alex Boudjada Ken Thursfield I dought that he came in late time and was advice to as 90 % of UK want to welcome him only the terrorist on the bridge will. Matthew Richardson There were no tensions until this clown took office. Sarah Smith, It’s no secret that Macron wants free of NATO to set up his own version. All these reports of ‘tensions’ and ‘cracks’ are unnecessary theatre. George Connolly Like any powerhouse they’re about to implode followed in future years by the EU. History proves all things that become powerful dies a death as it falls in on itself.


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