EU allows removing newly arrived citizens that Merry slothmas ugly Christmas shirt, sweater does not find work within the first 3 months, as it allows to remove criminals. By far the biggest use of benefits is by African and middle east migrants. Rosemary Page Stephen Chapman yes she was. But what in God’s name did they think they were doing by putting a remainder as prime minister instead of a Brexit one. It’s beyond belief. Boris is just getting the blame for something May has created. Nick Melville Marcin Stefanski true but it would make sense to sort work before you move. Too many are taken advantage of low wages bad accommodation and I’ve witnessed gangs controlled and ripped off by companies and gang leaders. Brenda O’Brien Stephen Chapman Theresa May was useless on many fronts. Duncan Corps absolute rubbish labor is the mist untrustworthy at least Boris is wanting to do something. You can’t blame him for other leaders

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Merry slothmas ugly Christmas shirt, sweater. Rosemary, they didn’t choose her? Everybody else dropped out! Johnson, Mogg or any of the brexiteers could have put themselves in and been shown up for the clueless cretins they are much sooner and saved us this hassle. Danny Dean Marcin Stefanski allows sure we should totally spend tens of millions hunting down EU overstays rather than preventing them from getting in unless they have a job. Stephen Chapman Michael Bowen I was talking about non-EU immigration which is massive. Duncan Corps You can’t do both things, love, and this is a pledge we’ve heard Conservatives make many times before… and they couldn’t find a way to keep it then. Labour’s messages about immigration may not be as vote-winning but at least it’s more honest.


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    I order 2 as a test, the t-shirts look great and we will be ordering more, I’m sure.

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