Merry Xmas Christmas Shirt. Are the Americans going to militarily back up the Brits when Spain walks into Gibraltar? Are the Americans going to like the idea of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales breaking away from the UK to join the EU? It should be pointed out that while the English want Brexit the Scots wanted to stay in. Of all other nations, the Scots are supposed to be genuine partners in the UK. and Brexit should not go ahead without agreement by the Scots. As for Gibraltar. Right now the Spanish are drooling at Brexit. Had not Britain joined the Common Market in the early 70’s I believe the Spanish would have moved to retake Gibraltar by now? The Spanish are now strong enough militarily speaking, to make repossession stick. And the Spanish really want that place.

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Merry Xmas Christmas Shirt. Utter rubbish. Spain would be expelled from NATO as the aggressor against another NATO member and France and Portugal would be obliged to put a complete trade embargo on Spain. It would completely destroy Spain economically. At least do your research. Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, all those British Overseas Territories that operate as tax havens; all remnants of the British Empire. It’s not impossible that they all revert to original, or geographically reasonable ownership, if not independence. Northern Ireland will potentially reunify with the Republic, Scotland will gain independence, and there’s a growing movement for the same in Wales. The UK is pretty much over, I think. I sincerely hope so. Westminster rule has sucked the wealth and resources of its colonies for far too long. The interesting thing will be seeing how Little England manages to cope on its own.


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