Metallica Merry Xmas Christmas Shirt. you are courageous. keep going. I’m a woman who is still fertile n cannot speak ill of anyone. God bless James n everyone out there struggling with conditions that are out of control. My niece was also born with this condition and it took the Medical community some time to actually determine if she was male or female… So this is definitely a reality that can happen. These kinds of people are always there and they will always be there, the word recognize should not be used, they were born this way, unlike the Western world where people change sex. Can they have kids? I dont understand or impregnate someone? The child chooses to be a girl or a boy? Idk it’s confusing. Best to all.

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Metallica Merry Xmas Christmas Shirt. This fellow is my classmate at the University of Nairobi. He is known courageous fella, a fellow who dared masses in order to protect the rights of intersex people! We love you brother. Whether intersex or NOT we are all human beings. We must respect people and never disregard them as sub-human because of their gender, ethnicity or culture. This man was born intersex and he had no role in it and neither are his parents to blame. He has suffered a disability by virtue of his birth, but he can live a fulfilling life. I hope people in his society embrace, respect and welcome him.

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