Michael Jackson Legends Never Die Shirt. Bernardino O Muhi The relationship between the UK and the USA has been close, subject to the odd tiff, possibly sometimes to an unhealthy degree, since the Treaty of Ghent brought to an end the unseemly quarrel of 1812 – 14. The relationship is close between the u.k. and Europe, because Britain France and Spain created America and America, follow the u.k. around like lapdogs in everything they do. For example, ww2 when America and Europe invaded far east Asia together and the middle east and Europe at the same time with Russia if you notice with world war 2 the main countries in that war had empires. See America was created by Europe America is a land of Europeans living on stolen land whose founding fathers where European

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Michael Jackson Legends Never Die Shirt. Giancarlo Figliozzi France helped create America and Canada all them wars and revolution’s you been told lots of lies I’m afraid and you view things is all wrong. Deborah Starr Then when you click the link, it sends you to the US and Canada section. I’m not from the U.K., Asia, or Europe, but I follow BBC for worldwide news and I don’t assume it’s only U.K. news. The end of the American civil war that was not signed in America that was signed in Paris the union of America today was created by the British and french the u.k. and the e.u. is the same as America. Both my husband and I have donated our bodies to science. I don’t have a problem with what they do with my body. If the tests need doing then they need doing.


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