Muhammad Ali Shirt. Graham George Ricketts and despite a shortage of magistrates they have still not got round to interviewing the potential new magistrates who applied many months ago and there’s no anticipation of doing so any time soon. How on earth can any individual in England & Wales possibly expect to get any kind of proper justice when more than half of all magistrates courts have simply been shut down since 2010? Fancy your chances for Legal Aid anybody? What is worse is this proven, ineffective sound bite populist policy, with literally no intelligence. Where is your science-based policy, instead of some form of extended project fear? How about; “I want to reduce the fundamental conditions that lead to crime and at the same time reduce the factors that cause reoffending based on imperial unbiased analysis?

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Muhammad Ali Shirt, Ffs are people so short-sighted and ignorant of history and present-day affairs of other countries that have capital punishment that they think a: it has any deterrent effect or b: that miscarriages of justice have taken the lives of innocent people. Furthermore, when is taking a life ever anyone right? Dont kill people or I’ll kill you. The hypocrisy is staggering. Almost worse than the stupidity of those who support it. Giving peace officers ala carte in fighting crime, only leads to abuses in the system and the general public terrorized. Criminals are just as, if not more, arrogant and abusive as she wants police officers to be.


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