Don Evans the comparisons between the Nice Racc Shirt and the fourth Reich are totally justified and even those who fought to stop us being forcibly being absorbed into a German superstate would agree that them and their french lackeys couldn’t do it by force 80odd years ago so are now doing it under the guise of peace and people and countries are stupid enough to fall for it but then again they have always been masters at propaganda. You do realize that the blueprint/idea for a Eustyle superstate with Germany at the helm was originally banned by the Nazi party? The longer it goes on the stronger they will become over the nation-state and more and more freedoms will be lost.

Nice Racc Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





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You forgot to mention sales have collapsed in Nice Racc Shirt, slowed down in the EU because of diesel engines, trade wars caused by the US and of course people keep them longer because they are so expensive to buy and run. The silver lining is it is good for Climate Change & Recycling as we do not use so many materials and energy. When the Rover car plant closed in Birmingham a number of years ago, a number of former car workers and their families left the UK to seek work in car plants across the EU. Sadly even this opportunity will no longer be available to workers when Vauxhall, Jaguar, and BMW close their car plants after a no-deal Brexit. Hurrah for Brexit, right? Roger Allen and once the cars that were made here are made abroad, you’ll be buying yours from? If you look closely you’ll notice the all the new cars are about to be made abroad. Because it’s cheaper, more stable and there’s not much of a problem crossing borders with the parts. You’ve been misled. Enjoy paying the 300% import duty if you want a better one.


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