Nickelodeon NICK PRIDE shirt. Cliff Gizzy Shut up does you for one second think he felt threatened. He was pissed off at her peaceful protest and he manhandled her because he felt he could. It’s that simple, and you know it. His use of the public’s consciousness of events like Jo Cox’s murder as a shield against taking responsibility for the assault is almost as despicable as the moment itself. And shame on you for legitimizing it. Dylan Gregson, so you think the Manchester bombing, the London Bridge attacks, the attack on Jo Cox all happened in the UK. Or did you miss those? They were all delivered using tactics developed abroad. If you don’t think that potential terrorists in this country don’t adopt other ideas then it’s clear you know bugger all about it. There are women in this country who would kill you without a thought if they thought it worthwhile and they had the opportunity. Such an individual could claim to be an innocent protester it doesn’t mean they are.

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Nickelodeon NICK PRIDE shirt.  Cliff Gizzy you cannot imagine how many guns etc you can hide below that dress. A company had an advert about a product like pockets attached to the body and she had 2 9mm guns 1 35revolver and 2 knives. These lefties think they can disrupt society any way they choose without consequences. He reacted correctly, she’s the one the press and BBC should be concerned with. If someone came into let’s say a private dinner after your family wedding and tried to do the same, what would you do? Let’s not make this about gender equality/women’s rights. It’s about Greenpeace’s unlawful disruption tactics.


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