Nobody Wanted To Be There But Went Anyway Shirt. Sorry at this stage you have no gut to tell Iran what to do. You can go to hell, Iran doesn’t care. If you as a US president taking orders from Israel that’s your luck but Iran will never take any order from anyone. Just ‘coz US is a superpower, he’s all dictatorial. Is the US providing for other countries??? So many other countries are suffering from economic downfalls due to this Ignorant man. My prayers with the USA if you choose TRUMP again. God save you and the planet! What was so bad about the deal that made Trump walk away, he never said? If it was as bad as he says, why didn’t he just go back to the table and renegotiate it instead of threatening war? Or is he like Bush, he just wants a war? For all the judgemental, angry homophobes, following each other like sheep and shouting “waste of taxpayers money,” would you say the council planting flowers, for instance, was a waste of money?

Nobody Wanted To Be There But Went Anyway Shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee


Nobody Wanted To Be There But Went Anyway Ladies Tee


V neck T-shirt

Best Nobody Wanted To Be There But Went Anyway Shirt.

Nobody Wanted To Be There But Went Anyway Shirt. This inexpensive act of support just brightens up the place and is fun. It costs you nothing. Promoting Pride brings income to the area and is a great event to be enjoyed by All. It’s income generation if anything. This is a great idea. Taxpayers money is not all about services. It’s about representing the payer. LGBT people pay taxes too and in the past, some of those taxes have been used to victimize and silence us. It’s payback time. It’s a small gesture but an important one and a very welcome one. People who have never had to live in the shadows simply won’t understand the positivity of this gesture. Steve Evans this comment alone is disgusting. Do you realize what you just did was stereotype all young black people to be violent? Maybe SOME are due to our prejudice and inability to realize how our privilege has benefited us at the expense of people of color.


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