He has taken the spotlight off what’s going on in the Official Beets by Schrute shirt. So yes he’s a muppet or whatever but he’s effect for the faceless puppet masters. Tom McEvoy Remember: a vote for Corbyn sends the US a signal that this kind of crap is just not on.  Baden Howell With any luck they’ll send Trump to McDonald’s and then they can get on with proper negotiations. Meisam Ghanbari Well, when you have a Russain agent called the president of the USA, he will do all he can to sabotage the biggest alliance against Russia. J.L. Olivier Why is Macron and Merkel seating on the second row in the picture??.  Zhang Yining Great to see the heading “Strategic challenge from China”, it reminds me of my uni PPE course

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Official Beets by Schrute shirt. I am so terribly impressed. I am blessed with three dogs and one of which is nicknamed ‘the blur’ as she is always in motion when the camera comes out and we have many photos of her backside leaving the shot or else a blur of fur. Elizabeth McLaughlin Reading of a photo “with” the pets, I just spent a while trying to spot the owner in amongst the animals.  Jana Herrmannová Isn’t it a “portrait OF” them, instead of “portrait with”? When the pet owner who took the photo is not on the picture? Mary Edgecomb Yeah, I got into trouble for having too many cats 4 years ago. So no more cats in my house..

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