What are glasses not cute enough for the Official Geisha Knitting shirt exec pigs? If that’s the case are the company’s going to pay for eye surgery so they don’t need to wear the glasses. That is interesting hope they let them wear safety glasses and keep a pair of glasses in case they lose contact, or get an eye infection. I’ve not heard this one before, sounds a bit insane, not everyone, sex regardless can wear contacts and glasses is their only option. Why on earth would you not allow glasses on female staff? Knowing a little about Japan and other Asian countries from travel, work, and living, this is not unexpected. A medical school in Japan didn’t want too many women. So it lowered their grades.

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Official Geisha Knitting shirt. Six years ago when I lived in Korea, a Korean woman couldn’t smoke and walk down the street without being physically assaulted by old Korean men. What if you’re over 40, visually impaired and unable to wear contacts. I never heard of anything more outrageously idiotic. Very surprising from an advanced country like Japan, what is happening to this world? Have we all gone NUTTS?  It’s not about how women do their work. The company… values the women’s appearance as being feminine and that’s opposite to someone who wears glasses,” Prof Nemoto said.” Huh? Glasses on ladies makes them look intelligent and sophisticated. Yet another reason alongside their illegal whaling I won’t be buying a Playstation 4 or any Japanese games ever. smh strange people

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