Glass is good to wear to protect your eye, but some people are Official We’re grown ups now so piss off shirt it ‘for the hell of it’ people like that have to be banned from wearing it. Idiots. Lucky they don’t employ me. I’ve worn mine since the age of two and can’t read, write, or walk safely without them. What century is this? Next China will start binding feet again. Yeah. How egalitarian. I bet their pay differential is even worse than ours! This is in Japan so stop expecting another country with another culture and way of doing things to bend to our ways. So men are allowed to see to do their work but the woman isn’t allowed to see to do theirs. Sounds more like men don’t make passes at women who wear glasses.

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Official We’re grown ups now so piss off shirt. This is dumb! What About women with visual problems? Stupidity in its height! I see this as discrimination against women and violation of their basic rights! Vanessa Vann As an aside have I stumbled onto the world service site for the BBC as I can only see 1 UK story about Sheffield in this list? Craig Dis I can just hear Nth Korea weeping in sympathy at the oppression of middle-class women from wealthy societies. James Ruei Majok in Bentiu town, South Sudan. every country having its own laws, according to Japanese by backlash women not to put glasses while on duty station assignment. Lee Morris Dear me, just when you think Japan couldn’t get any worse as a country, they surpass themselves.


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