This planet will be destroyed by Oh Optometree Christmas tree shirt, sweater and water which it is proving now with all the fires and floods around this world .and yes it costs MONEY but soon it will be too late .and I’m a lady of 72 and not someone who goes around telling people what to do and not an activist, but MONEY is always the excuse,  think of the money we would save if we didn’t send money to starving people.and they had water resources to grow their own crops and export it to other countries .that would surely cover most of the cost . but again nobody in this world is bothered .and i won’t be here much longer to worry about it.  David W Slatter, It happens every year at this time! And it was this high 50 years ago. SO WHAT! not even a newsworthy story!

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Oh Optometree Christmas tree shirt, sweater. Maybe its outcome of global warming. Now is time we should need thinking how to reducing the global warming. Andy Roberts Shaheen Miah lmao and what about all the other times it’s flooded, what are we blaming that on? Andy Roberts Shaheen Miah in 1923 it flooded worse than this, shouldn’t it be worse now if its down to global warming? Portia Barnes Reading all these comments realise how uninformed people are & such “experts” it is a flood & a record .All those climate change deniers now blame Greta guess she is the cause hey.


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