Pennywise Drink Dutch Bros Coffee Shirt. You don’t have a right to own a car. However, why not impose such restrictions as you feel are needed, but also include those SAME restrictions for voters. Example, no one under 23 buys a gun or votes? We have Amendments, and those were rights, but after we die we have no rights, so agree something needs to change. The idea of banning guns will stop this is not thought out. Lowering the age of voting is surely going to continue the same brain dead process we currently have. Chicago has one of the most restrictive gun laws. Please read more, stop just reading headlines, look closely at how data is collected in published studies. Stop listening to opinion journalists posing as if they are reading the news.

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Pennywise Drink Dutch Bros Coffee Shirt. Kathleen Ewers Margaret Feightner You need to wait and see how the dust settles on this…. was this guy cartel, human trafficking, repeat offender? When someone fires at a police car as they are being pulled over and then fired at folks as he is trying to escape… trying to have police focus elsewhere so he can escape…. think about it.. critical think this… there is a very bad reason he did not want the police talking to him, getting close to his car. My point is…. he is a criminal…. criminals get guns outside the law…as a Texan, we all have a right to defend ourselves. On average, in America, it takes the police about 20 minutes to answer a distress call… critically think that one. The media doesn’t talk about how many violent crimes are averted because the possible victim could defend themselves.

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    Yet again Street shirts never let me down. Highly recommend

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