Pennywise Rabbit Bunny Shirt. Jen Suttorp Roy Meston You do not, nor will you ever have, the number of guns you would need to fight off the government should they come after you. Your argument is ridiculous. Steve Crandall Rob Harrison they didn’t say anything about assault weapons, either. You can still live out your gun fantasies with rifles and pistols. Let us know how well you do against government tyranny with your arsenal, Tackleberry. Steve Crandall James Grant we just don’t like to hear about kids getting shot for going to school, or babies getting shot in the face for going to the mall with their parents. You know, that stuff. Debbie Cunningham Carl Holding money money money.

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Pennywise Rabbit Bunny Shirt. Steve Crandall Dave Clark well Captain Constitutionalist, you should start shopping for your nuclear bomb, or any bomb, or maybe a bazooka. They are all arms, and the Second Amendment doesn’t limit itself to firearms. Legislatures and court later determined that explosives are different from firearms. The Second Amendment is silent as to both. They can just as easily say the same about assault weapons, as long as the Supreme Court OKs it. But you knew all that, right? Trump has delivered on his promises to the American people; The wall is getting built, the people are united and the racial hate, that Obama was spreading, has come to an end. Jobs and fair trade policies have made the US a powerhouse of democracy and freedom again. It’s America first for the next 5 years!

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  1. Lalake T-shirt

    Great printing quality and colour selection, a little bit bigger than expected but receiver seems to like so great job!

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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