Encouraging businesses to the US, or at least expand existing facilities. Bringing back industry. Brought north Korea to the table, the first president to have ever set foot on North Korean soil, which has made tremendous strides towards lowering tensions, and perhaps laid the foundations for North Korea to consider a less totalitarianism form of governance. Pulling troops back, bringing them home when their presence is no longer required abroad. He actually recognizes Israel as a sovereign nation. Opposed to just glossing over the subject every time it is mentioned. Allowed parents to pick what schools they can send their children to, instead of forcing them to pick the nearest school. This is a big one, as it allows parents to pick better schools, instead of failing ones. Who wouldn’t want to send their child to a better school?

Pink Floyd Guitar Art Sign Shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top


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Best Pink Floyd Guitar Art Sign Shirt

Pink Floyd Guitar Art Sign Shirt. Perhaps if you actually watched more than just you left-wing nut houses like CNN and NYT you would actually see he is doing well, Certainly not perfect, but quite well. Oh and I am from the UK, If I can see he is doing well. You have no excuse. Natalie Hodge AJ Dugal The link I provided outlines some of the stupid things Obama said about police officers when tensions were already high. Hell, he acted like the officer that shot Michael Brown overreacted when it was 100% justified. Was the officer supposed to just let him keep beating on him and get his gun? According to Obama, yes. That’s just one of many instances.


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