Polish Wife Happy Life Shirt. BBC failed to mention these protesters moved far away from the place where they got approval to hold protests. So these guys are all violating the law. And despite repeated warnings to disperse, they created barricades. Hugo Tang democracy and freedom are not the unlimited extensions of one’s rights without considering other people and the whole society…. the fact that these protestors/rioters protest on the street every day and end up in a violent clash every time, please dont tell me the whole eight million people in HK all agree with your stance… if u force your stance on others which you guys are right now, u guys are nothing but lost souls and criminals who do not understand anything about democracy and freedom.

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Polish Wife Happy Life Shirt. Hugo Tang Hong Kong’s protesters have probably been subject to the least of police violence if you compare police crackdowns in the west, especially of those forces deployed by the France and USA in recent years. If those protesters in HK want to be their own master, well they will be a pretty awful one, for they have failed to appreciate the good things Hong Kong and Beijing governments have done for them, and take totally irrational and irresponsible actions that may risk everything of everybody else and ruin the economy. Those who do not care about other people’s lives are not worthy of becoming masters of their society.


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