I’ve been to Safaris in Africa and heard a lot from professionals, as well as what I saw in person and also read about. The best explanation I heard is that animals, and more specifically the predators, have their view much more focused to movement tracking (which is a scientific fact), than details on its preys. Thus, when they see an open safari vehicle, full of people, all they see is one single thing: a large beast with some appendages on top (heads). As a large, and potentially powerful beast does not interest them, as well as other large animals as adult rhinos and elephants: they know the hunting effort is not worthy. Not because they fear humans.

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In safaris, where people can get very close to wild animal (being there and it is amazing to stay on 2 meters aways from lions eating a carcass), there is a theory that seems to work: animals see the vehicle and their occupants altogether as a “big beast”. I will reproduce here Sergio Diniz’s answer to When using safari vehicles or any vehicle where people are taking pictures of animals in Africa, what keeps predators from attacking the people in the vehicles?


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