Raccoon support your local street cats shirt. Africa Khanam it’s like the tree falling in the words question. Do stupid people exist without being recorded. The answer sadly is yes. The video just becomes the evidence much like the sound of the tree. The soul has gone, and this stupidity is gaining momentum. If there were no stupidity, no killing is there, no evidence is required. This is, by far, the most Black Mirror like news I´ve seen this month, maybe a year. WOW (keep in mind I live in Brazil, world number 1 in homicides and violent deaths in general) That’s horrifying. There’s a lot of sick, “evil” people in this world. Gonna hug my daughter extra tight when she wakes up tomorrow. I can’t imagine what the parents must be going through knowing how their daughter died. This is sickening.

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Raccoon support your local street cats shirt. The murdering “teens” were over 18, except the one with the gun was 16. These people should have known way better than to fall for something like this. Now an innocent girl is dead, a very sick Indiana man will never have access to the outside world again, thankfully, and a bunch of young adult idiots will suffer in jail for the rest of their lives too. There were also two younger children involved that couldn’t be named. They named the 16-year-old who shot. Everyone in this story, except the victim, deserves their fate. Evil and/or Stupid. What crazy things might they have done if they stayed free in the world and grew older??? Contribute nothing, and probably do something worse. This is enraging.


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