To those who choose for Rob Zombie 3 from hell shirt to not wear a Poppy, they still deserve the respect that we are free to not wear one. To make a comment and then lose a job over the subject, is again, not one of those freedoms those who died made their sacrifice for. Shame on the man for his comment, but also shame on those who fired him for doing so. Freedom works both ways. Jim Egan And you’re in house fakery replacing the film of Boris screwing up his very simple role at the cenotaph? In God we trust. Barton Breen Free speech isn’t a right on a platform provided by your employer. Neither does free speech protect you from all consequences for what you say.

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Rob Zombie 3 from hell shirt. Save time, those of you who think this is acceptable. Go ahead and tag your employer and let them know that you think racist comments about immigrants are acceptable. Jess Class “I speak the truth and I walk the walk,” he said. “I have visited the bases of the troops, been to Afghanistan with our brave soldiers at Christmas, been to cemeteries of our fallen around the world and honored our fallen troops on Coach’s Corner.” Still, he admits, being fired on Remembrance Day does hurt “because I would have liked to continue doing Coach’s Corner. The problem is if I have to watch everything I say, it isn’t Coach’s Corner.” Sundara Ajji Forced patriotism is fascism!! OMG, the stupidity people display is astounding.


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