Robert Bortuzzo Face Ya Know shirt. According to his faith that is right, for all unrepentant people. After the Revelation 12 sign was fulfilled on 23 rd of Sept 2017, I think even the planet X debris are also in the waiting now, to bring about the days of Noah & Lot up on us. We know that legalizing LGBTs will automatically put the Bible-believing Christianity on a collision course with the law of the land. Vincent Paul, you need to stop reading false Bibles then. Learn the history of the Bible and know that the version people learn on at present was purposely mistranslated. He can believe what he likes but as a prominent public figure, it goes against the code of conduct in his contract to post inflammatory or derogatory statements on social media.

Robert Bortuzzo Face Ya Know shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee


, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee

Ladies Tee


V neck T-shirt

Best Robert Bortuzzo Face Ya Know shirt

Robert Bortuzzo Face Ya Know shirt. He has done both. He can post that he is a Christian as much as he likes but posts calling gay people evil are not allowed. What he believes in his twisted world is up to him, just should have kept it to himself. I see no mistranslation of any sort. The Bible is being fulfilled exactly. These Red Dragon objects can cause a lot of trouble indeed. But the good news is that God has complete control over them & he has the power to protect the towns and cities that he wants to protect from the devastation, just as He did in the days of Lot. Vincent Paul unless you are reading the original Hebrew/Greek translation then there is a mistranslation. Considering you believe homosexuality is a sin, you are reading a false translation.


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