Rock N Roll Simpson family shirt. Kathy Hand do you happen to be black if not you don’t know what a black person goes through on a daily basis anytime there is a store there followed around when they’re driving somewhere there followed like a criminal if they happen to be in a situation where the law gets involved there is twice as likely to be shot I don’t believe they should get money but I do believe that we can get them better education opportunity and help with childcare and employment opportunity. There has been inequality of opportunity in many ways since slavery was officially ended and that has done nothing but hurt our country. Note that a lot of poorer white folks would benefit as well.

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Rock N Roll Simpson family shirt. Ted Phillips, maybe the area that you are from has African Americans followed by police or Security in a store or while they’re driving, but not all areas in America are the same. I have yet to go into a store when there are multi races in there and see anyone followed by security. It is good and bad in all Races. Says someone who no doubt is fine with revisionist history taught in the south. Thanks for showing us your true self. Don’t forget the white sheet on your way out. I think that concentrating on the improvement of schools in poor neighborhoods, bringing back more educational grants and lower cost loans, and improvement in the banking system, perhaps through the post office, so that poor people don’t have to use more costly methods of “banking”, along with real reform in mortgages and low-cost housing would be in order.


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