Santana 60th Anniversary 1960-2020 Signature Shirt. Well yes, it has helped us realize that vascular dementia is hugely preventable by having a healthier lifestyle. Eg not drinking and smoking doing stuff that will prevent the likely hood of suffering unnoticeable strokes or T. I. A as they are called. It’s then up to us as individuals whether we choose to live a healthier lifestyle or choose to ignore it. My grandad and aunt on the same side (my mums) had 2 different versions of dementia. My dad also has dementia but mixed primarily vascular (drinker and smoker) and Alzheimer’s. I’m now getting my own life in order eating healthier and being more active and doing what I can now to hopefully lessen my risk of falling into the same fate x I’m also taking part in Alzheimer’s.

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Santana 60th Anniversary 1960-2020 Signature Shirt. Actually, the medications have unknown effects on the patients. If you expected people just to give you positive feedbacks don t bother post next time Simple as. In my Alzheimer’s experience, there is nothing significantly important discovered about the disease in the last 30yrs. And sorry if your mom’s brain was t at the end as useful as we all wished. But that s the truth. Scientific and medical progress does not happen in isolation, everything done helps further our understanding. I am certain your mother has helped in some way. Lynda Charleson Roberts Don’t bother about trolls. Your donating your mom’s brain would have definitely helped. People have no clue about research work and how even the slightest step towards a cure will take decades. They want an instant cure which is ridiculous. They just want to pop a pill and cure cancer.


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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