She’s My Lobster Couples He’s My Lobster Shirt. Russell Jones but that money wasted could go towards the care of elderly or disabled people who are suffering due to cuts! But you want money wasted on changing traffic lights to represent gay? We cannot use George’s Flag in our garden as it may affect other people feel around us. But now, no one mind if we are changing the traffic light to celebrate Gays Pride? Did I miss something? Why does there have to be so many visual symbols for there to be supported? People just need to live their lives as they want to live them, happy and in peace. Why do we feel the need to constantly put it in people’s faces? There are lots of groups of individuals that get on with their lives without having to have visual support everywhere.

She’s My Lobster Couples He’s My Lobster Shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee


Ladies Tee


V neck T-shirt

Best She’s My Lobster Couples He’s My Lobster Shirt.

She’s My Lobster Couples He’s My Lobster Shirt. I have many gay friends I don’t see them as any different to myself or anyone else so why is there the necessity it be treated differently. What is it about a traffic signal that is homophobic. ohn Gantt if you read my comment I do not hate it, I do not think its a waste of money I just don’t see the need for it, just accept the life you want to lead and enjoy it, you only live once don’t waste it on trying to get others to notice. So as long as people keep quiet it’s OK? What about those people who can’t come out as the person they want to be but seeing this and other positive actions will mean they get a bit more confidence to? There need to be visual symbols for the same reasons that Pride exists. Marginalization and absolute directed homophobia still exist, and until it doesn’t, symbols and visual cues and love have to be celebrated and forefronted.


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