She’s My Rachel shirt. Maria Salkina We Christians are not here to judge. We are here to encourage faith. Getting all hissy fit and dramatic because of someone’s sexuality is just hatred for that person and I don’t call that being a Christian. Having hatred for anyone but Christians are wrong, so wrong. Katie Woodgate yes, and that’s what is wrong with the companies that try to get involved in politics. Let’s meet when he crushes them in the Constitutional court after proving that their terms violate his most basic right to express his convictions. Though… I avoid meeting people with manners like yours, not my circle, sorry. When you are a Christian you don’t spread hate. If you don’t believe to people how they are Respect them and they never disrespect your religion. it shows they respect yours too.

She’s My Rachel shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee


Ladies Tee


V neck T-shirt

Best She’s My Rachel shirt.

Why Govind? She’s My Rachel shirt. You got lots of money. That’s greed don’t ask people to help you with your court case. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that u have to condone things that were clearly outlined in the Bible as bad, might as well stand with murderers while u are at it. Didn’t he say it about so many other groups of people too? I think he had a go at me also( not personally, but I do like myself a few beers a few times a week & apparently according to ” Lord Israel” that’s not allowed either!) Lee Hauser you can choose to have beers, you can choose to be an adulterer, you choose to be an atheist. You don’t choose to be gay – that’s the issue.


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